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it’s rather difficult to design for ios7 when i don’t have it. 


Yixing in his natural habitat

going to design guy’s gig next week eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m so excited c:


I went to the Met today

EXO PROFILE김민석 for mars

so there’s this couple sitting in front of me and..

idk i just find them reallly funny. they’re all over each other, but having legit conversation. he always looks her in the eye(90% of the time), and pays attention even though she’s wearing a low-cut neckline. 

he keeps touching/stroking her legs, though lol. 

i’m mildly unconfortable.

they’re cute together. 

it’s weird.

and i’m afraid.

of misleading myself.

i’ve never had to initiate such things. and it’s a little scary.

the other party isn’t in hot pursuit of me. which is good and bad. 

the “date” was like a total “friend” hang out thing. which is good. 

moving slowly is good. 

it’s healthier. 

maybe i won’t hurt myself so badly with this as i have with everyone else.

this year has just thrown me for a loop.

i still feel weird. like i might go back at some point, but i’m not. 

i hope this has some sort of happy ending.

I’ve been so tired today. I feel like it didn’t go that well. But in actuality it probably went alright. It was very casual. Talked for a couple hours, then did hw for an hour.
I think I feel so “idk” about how that went because I’m afraid/over-analyzing or something.

Maybe it’s just the fact that the project that was due today wasn’t actually due today. And it upsets me greatly.

What if he doesn’t want to get coffee again? OTL

I had to literally chase after him otherwise it wasn’t going to happen. omg x_x